Thursday, April 25, 2024

Madras High Court disposes of suo motu petition seeking removal of illegal encroachments made in water bodies

The Madras High Court disposed of a Suo Motu Petition seeking  direction to the respondents to remove all sort of illegal encroachments made in water-bodies, Meichal Porambokku (Grazing Fields), lake and other poromboke lands in and around the Kaar Lake, Ninnai Kaattur Rail Nagar, Vishnupriya Nagar, Kaarai Kazhani and other such areas of Maraimalai Nagar.

The Petition further  seeks direction to the respondents to examine the aforesaid place and set out the sewage/drainage water and dumping of garbage into the Kaar Lake and detect the quality of ground water in and around areas of Maraimalai Nagar in this regard and to file a report before the Court expeditiously.

The State Government Pleader, on instructions, submitted that 446 houses that had encroached on the Meikkal poramboke land in Ninnakarai Village, Chengalpattu District have been removed and, as far as the remaining encroachments are concerned, orders under Section 6 of the Tamil Nadu Land   Encroachment Act, 1905 are passed. 

The appeals are filed by those encroachers under Section 10 of the Act and the same are pending. 

A.Edwin Prabakar , State Government Pleader submits that the appeals would be decided within three months and, depending upon the decision in the appeals, further steps would be taken immediately.

In view of that, the Division Bench of  Chief Justice Sanjay V. Gangapurwala and Justice D. Bharatha Chakravarthy disposed of the suo motu  petition


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