Monday, April 22, 2024

Plea In Delhi HC Seeks Directive To Bring Back 56 Pregnant Nurses Stranded In The Gulf

An association of nurses has filed petition in the Delhi High Court urging the Centre to intervene and bring back 56 Indian nurses who are stranded in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The plea mentions that bringing back the nurses should take high priority as all of them are in serious distress and need immediate medical as well as psycho-socio support. 

The petition filed by the United Nurses Association is seeking directions on the grounds that as all of the nurses are healthcare workers and as such are more exposed to hazards that put them at risk of infection.

The petition has alleged that even after the first phase of ‘Vande Bharat Mission‘ a large number of persons with medical emergencies including pregnant women are still stranded in foreign lands. The petitioner further submits that “…all of these 56 pregnant nurses are having serious medical issues as most of them are in the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy and all of them are staying alone in Saudi Arabia as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not provide family status to the staff nurses.

The Embassy of India, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia announced the second phase of ‘Vande Bharat Mission‘ whereby six flights will be operating between May 19 and May 23. Therefore, the Association has also sought for the strict implementation of the Standard Operating Protocol for movement of Indian Nationals stranded outside the country issued by the Central Government.

The Standard Operating Procedure for the stranded citizens gives priority to the:

a.       Compelling cases in distress;

b.      Migrant workers and laborers who have been laid off;

c.       Short-term visa holders faced with the expiry of visas;

d.      Persons with medical emergencies including pregnant women and elderly persons, and;

e.      Students and those who have suffered a death in their family.

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