Thursday, February 29, 2024

State to lift mobile internet ban in areas untouched by violence on trial basis: Manipur High Court

The Manipur High Court has given instructions to the Manipur state for making the mobile towers in districts not affected by violence to be operational on the trial basis.

A Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Golmei Gaiphulshillu Kabui have also instructed the state for extending the same service(making mobile towers operational) in other states if the law and order situation permits.

The Commissioner (Home) of Manipur government issued an order extending the ban on mobile internet in the State till November 8.

The State’s order had also stated that the government would open mobile towers on trial basis in district headquarters not affected by violence.

The Special State counsel for Manipur government submitted a copy of the order in the Court after which the Court issues the directive.

The Court said that after having heard the learned counsel on behalf of the parties the State of Manipur is directed to open and operationalize mobile towers on a trial basis in all those District Headquarters which have not been affected by violence and thereafter, if found feasible, extend the services to other areas where the law and order situation, so permits.

It clarified that even in districts partially affected by violence, mobile towers should be operationalized right away in those areas which have not been affected. 

The Court also directed the government to upload on its official website copies of all orders related to suspension of internet services in Manipur. 

The matter will be heard for compliance on November 9.


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