Thursday, February 29, 2024

Gyanvapi-Kashi Vishwanath matter: Supreme Court to hear plea for extending protection of ‘Shivling’ on Friday

The Supreme Court has said that the plea filed by the Hindu parties asking for extension of the order for protecting the object found during a survey conducted at the Gyanvapi Mosque.

Bench headed by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, was told about the matter today by Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain. The CJI said that a bench shall be constituted to hear the matter at 3pm tomorrow.

Advocate Vishnu Jain apprised the bench that the order which was protecting the Shivling found was due to expire on November 12.

Advocate Jain also mentioned that the Order 7 Rule 11 (rejection of plaints) application filed by the Muslim parties was rejected.

A plea was filed in Varanasi Court by the Hindu for giving directions to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for conducting scientific investigation to ascertain whether the object found during the survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque premises was a Shivling or a fountain which as rejected.This prompted an appeal before the Allahabad High Court.

Last week the ASI director was asked to submit his opinion on whether carbon dating, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), excavation and other methods to determine the age of the disputed object at Gyanvapi mosque, would damage the object.

The matter pertaining to Gyanvapi dispute arose as the devotees of Hindu belief approached civil court to be permitted to worship inside the premises of the Gyanvapi Mosque, on the ground that it was a Hindu temple and still houses Hindu deities.

A survey was ordered by the civil court, based on which, the Hindu parties claimed that an object discovered at the site is a Shivling. The Muslim parties, however, disputed the same and said that it is only a water fountain.


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