Monday, June 17, 2024

Hindu side approaches Supreme Court on cleaning of sealed Gyanvapi area, demands urgent hearing

In the Gyanvapi case, four women plaintiffs representing the Hindu side have approached the Supreme Court regarding the cleaning of the sealed area of Gyanvapi and demanded for an urgent hearing. Reportedly, the Supreme Court asserted to issue an order on the matter today. 

Notably, a few days ago, Anjuman Intezamia Masajid also highlighted the issue of fish dying in the water tank in the sealed wuzukhana on Gyanvapi mosque premises. The Hindu side in its petition, sought directives for Varanasi DM for removal of carcasses and cleaning of the said ablution pond. 

It further mentioned that following detection of Shivlingam during a court commission survey of Gyanvapi compound, the water tank and the surrounding area was sealed on May 16, 2022. The petition underlined that the water tank has not been cleaned since May 17, 2022. It added that the fishes in the water tank have died between December 20 and 25 and owing to the same, there is a putrid smell emitting from the tank. 

It also underscored that in the sealed area there is a Shivlingam which is sacred to Hindu and should be kept away from all dirt, grime, dead animals etc and must be in clean condition. It mentioned that the Shivlingam is currently in the midst of dead fishes which is hurtful to the sentiments of the devotees of Lord Shiva.

Previously, on December 26 AIM had moved an application before DM S Rajalingam to draw his attention towards dead fishes in wuzukhana. At that time, AIM joint secretary SM Yaseen said that through the application it was highlighted how decomposing dead fishes had left the area stinking and also increasing the threat for spread of diseases. However, the DM made it clear that any action in this regard would be taken after getting court orders only as it is sealed on the order of the same.


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