Supreme Court directs cleaning of wazukhana area in Gyanvapi mosque under supervision of Varanasi district administration

The Supreme Court has directed that under the supervision of Varanasi district administration, the 'wazukhana' area in the Gyanvapi mosque complex should be cleaned.

It was after the the Hindu side asked the Apex court's directions through an application for getting the entire area of ‘wazukhana’ of Gyanvapi mosque be cleaned.

The Hindu side believes that the area where ‘Shivling’ was found, should be maintained well.

The Gyanvapi mosques is maintained by the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee (AIMC) which has requested the district magistrate to make arrangements for proper cleaning of the tank and drainage of water as soon as possible.

The said portion was sealed on the order of a local court in May 2022 and the AIMC had informed the district magistrate through a letter that most of the fish in the water tank are dead. 

As per the joint secretary of the AIMC named SM Yasin,there were many fish in the hauz of wuzukhana of Gyanvapi mosque which has been sealed on the order of a court.

The Secretary stated that the probable reason for ths foul smell is the death of the fishes. 

The letter written by Mufti-e-Banaras and secretary of Anjuman Intejamia Masjid, Abdul Batin Nomani states that the water tank is in the sealed portion, which has not been drained or cleaned, leading to death of many fishes. He further added that if due precaution are not taken then this could lead to spread of a disease which may affect the CRPF jawans deployed and the piligrims of Vishwanath temple too.

The Court was also apprised by AIMSC that earlier the feed, water, and cleanliness of the wazukhana pond were arranged by the AIMC and that it would not be possible after the portion was sealed. 

Despite the information, no arrangements were made for the fish and so is requested