Saturday, January 28, 2023

Constable Salim Is Denied Social Justice By Court As His Fundamental Right Was Not Breached In Uploading of ‘Drunk Policeman Video’

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Constable Salim PK, who shot into undesired limelight when a video of his went viral on social media, had asked for social justice from our constitution. But in return, he received nothing more than an assurance that his job is secured, and a promise that his fundamental rights have not been breached.

But is it enough to compensate a man, a Government employee, who was ridiculed, made fun of and socially ‘disgraced’, even without any fault of his own?

Last year, a video surfaced on Youtube, with a title ‘Drunk Delhi police man on Delhi metro-Funny’. The video allegedly shows Salim, in police uniform, unable to stand still inside a coach of Delhi Metro and then falling off just like a drunk man would do. But in reality, he was suffering from a disease, and this effect was caused due to a certain medicine he was taking.

Have you seen this:

But the ruthless social media quickly made a hilarious judgment of his condition, and announced the verdict without any trial. He was labeled as a drunk policeman, unable to control himself, and the trolls found another reason to have a quick laugh.

Salim was suspended by his seniors; but after he described his situation, he was reinstated and he resumed his duty.

However, the humiliation and the insult which Salim faced due to this video refused to leave him, and he filed a petition seeking ‘social justice’ from our courts. He asked immediate deletion of the video which has maligning his image and asked the court to ensure that such ‘misleading’ clips are not uploaded.

Hearing his petition, the court said that “You were given an opportunity we listened you, and we explained it to you that we can’t find any fundamental breach.. You were suspended now you have been reinstated.”

Saying this, his petition was dismissed.

Has Salim got the justice he was seeking? Do share your opinions by commenting right here.

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