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Indian Army issues notification for recruitment rally under Agnipath scheme, know terms and condition, leaves, other details here

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Indian Army has issued a notification for the recruitment rally under the Agnipath scheme on Monday that is June 20, 2022. In the notification, it was mentioned that the registration process will begin next month. It was also stated that for applying, online registration is mandatory, all the candidates will need to log in to join the Indian Army website which is

In the detailed note, there were terms and conditions, leaves, pay and other things mentioned.

What are the terms and conditions?

(a) Enrolment.

(i) Candidates will be enrolled under Army Act 1950 for a service duration of
four (04) years including the training period.
(ii) Agniveers so enrolled will be subject to Army Act, 1950 and will be liable
to go wherever ordered, by land, sea or air.
(iii) Agniveers enrolled under the scheme, will not be eligible for any kind of Pension or Gratuity.

(b) Service

(i) Service of Agniveers will commence from the date of enrolment.
(ii) Agniveers would form a distinct rank in the IA, different from any other
existing ranks.
(iii) Leave, Uniform, Pay & Allowances during the service period of four years
will be governed by orders and instructions in respect of such individuals issued
by the Government of India (GoI) from time to time.
(iv) Agniveeers will be liable to be assigned any duty in organisational
interest, as decided from time to time.
(v) Personnel enrolled through Agniveers Scheme, will be required to
undergo periodical medical check-ups and physical/ written/ field tests as
governed by orders issued. The performance so demonstrated would be
considered for subsequent offer for enrolment in the Regular Cadre.
(vi) Agniveers can be posted to any regiment/unit and can be further
transferred in organisational interest.

(c) Discharge

(i) All Agniveers will be discharged on completion of four years of service.
(ii) On discharge after completion of four years, Agniveers will be paid a
‘Seva Nidhi’ package to enable them to return to the society for pursuing
employment in other sectors.
(iii) Agniveers will not be eligible for any kind of pension or gratuity, neither
will they be eligible for Ex Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS),
Canteen Stores Department (CSD) facilities, Ex Serviceman status and other
related benefits.
(iv) Agniveers will be barred from disclosing classified information gained
during service to any unauthorised person or source under Official Secrets Act,

(d) Enrolment for Regular Cadre

(i) Based on organizational requirements and policies promulgated
Agniveers who are completing their engagement period in each batch will be
offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the regular cadre of IA. These
applications will be considered in a centralised manner by the army based on an
objective criteria including performance during their engagement period and not
more than 25% of each specific batch of Agniveers will be enrolled in regular
cadre of the IA, post completion of their four years engagement period.
(ii) Agniveers so enrolled as regular cadre would be required to serve for a
further engagement period of 15 years and will be governed by terms and
conditions of service (of Junior Commissioned Officers/Other Ranks in IA)
currently in vogue (as amended from time to time). Agniveers will not have any
right to be selected. Selection will be exclusive jurisdiction of the IA.
(iii) With introduction of this Scheme, the enrolment of Soldiers in the regular
cadre of IA, except technical cadres of Medical Branch, will be available only to
those personnel who have completed their engagement period as Agniveer.


(a) Agniveers will be liable to be assigned any duty in organisational interest, as
decided from time to time.
(b) Agniveers can be posted to any regiment/ unit and can be further transferred to
other regiments/ units in organisational interest.

Leave. Grant of leave will be subject to exigencies of service. The following leave may be applicable for Agniveers during their engagement period :-

(a) Annual Leave. Upto 30 days per year.
(c) Sick Leave. Based on medical advice.

Pay, Allowances & Allied Benefits.

(a) Agniveer Package.

(i) The pay & emoluments of Agniveers will be as given below :-
(aa) Year 1. Customised Package – ₹ 30,000/- (plus
applicable allowances.)
(ab) Year 2. Customised Package – ₹33,000/- (plus
applicable allowances.)(ac) Year 3. Customised Package – ₹ 36,500/- (plus
applicable allowances.)
(ad) Year 4. Customised Package – ₹ 40,000/- (plus
applicable allowances.)

(ii) From the above package, 30% will be compulsorily deposited every
month in a corpus which will be matched by the GOI. Balance amount less the
corpus contribution will be the in-hand component.

(b) Seva Nidhi Package.

On discharge at 4 years, the corpus of ₹5.02 lakhs will
be matched by the GOI, an amount of ₹10.04 lakhs and accrued interest will be given
to the Agniveers. In case of Agniveers who are subsequently selected for enrolment in
IA as regular cadre, the “Seva Nidhi” package to be paid to them will comprise only
their contribution including accrued interest thereon. In the case of Agniveers exiting
service before the end of their engagement period on their own request, the individual’s
Seva Nidhi package, accumulated as on date, will be paid with the applicable rate of
interest. In such cases, no Govt contribution to Seva Nidhi Package will be entitled. The
“Seva Nidhi” will be exempt from Income Tax.

(c) Payment Modality –

Seva Nidhi Package. Two options to receive Seva
Nidhi package will be provided to each Agniveer, with an aim to provide financial loans
for self employment/ entrepreneurship through a bank Guarantee as also to meet
immediate/ incidental expenses, on exit. Firm details will be promulgated separately.

(d) Allowances.

The Agniveer pay is a composite package and he will not be
eligible for any Dearness Allowance and Military Service Pay. He will get applicable
Risk & Hardship, Ration, Dress and Travel allowances as decided by the GOI from time
to time.

(e) Agniveers will be exempted from making any contribution in Armed Forces
Personnel Provident Fund or any other Provident Fund.

(f) There shall be no entitlement towards gratuity or pensionary benefits for
Agniveers enrolled through this Scheme.

Life Insurance Cover. Agniveer will be provided non-contributory life insurance
cover of ₹48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period and they will not be eligible for
Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) Schemes / benefits.

Termination/ Release from Service.

(a) The maximum period of service for Agniveers will be as enumerated at Para 2
above. However, the services of Agniveers under this scheme may be terminated at
any time in accordance with the Army Act 1950.
(b) Release at own request prior to completion of terms of engagement of Agniveers
is not permitted. However, in most exceptional cases, personnel enrolled under this
scheme may be released, if sanctioned by competent authority.

  1. Benefits for Personnel Exiting at Four Years of Service. After completing four years of service (as applicable), the following benefits will be offered to the exiting individuals:-
    (a) Seva Nidhi Package.

Refer Para 5 (b) above. The corpus generated after fouryears of contribution will be paid to the exiting Agniveers.

(b) ‘Agniveer’ Skill Certificate. At the end of engagement period, a detailed Skill
set certificate will be provided to the Agniveers, highlighting the skills and level of
competency acquired by the personnel during their engagement period.

(c) Class 12th Certificate. Agniveers who have been enrolled after qualifying
Class 10th, a certificate for 12th (equivalent) will be given on completion of their 4 years
engagement period, based on skills attained. Detailed instructions shall be issued

What is the procedure for online registration?

(a) All candidates to log in to, check their eligibility status and
create their profile.
(b) Online Registration (submission of application) will commence from
and close on __
(c) Candidates will login after __ and take printout of the admit card
which they will carry to Rally Site.
(d) Candidates will be allowed to participate in the Rally if they produce Admit Card.
Affidavit for details duly attested by a notary and as per format given at Appx.

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