Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Centre appoints 21 members to National Company Law Tribunal across India

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs today has notified the appointment of 11 judicial members and 10 technical members to various benches of the National Company Law Tribunal, across the Country. 

The notification issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs reads as, in accordance with Rule 15 A of the National Company Law Tribunal (Salary, Allowances and other terms and Condition of Service of the President and Other Members) Amendment Rules 2019, and in Consultation with the President, National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), the following Judicial & Technical Members of NCLT are posted at the benches as Under; 

Following are former judges and lawyers appointed as judicial members:

1- Justice (retd.) Telaprolu Rajani (NCLT Amarawathi)

2- Justice (retd.) Pradeep Narhari Deshmukh (NCLT Mumbai)

3- Justice (retd.) S Ramathilagam (NCLT Chennai)

4- Shri Dharminder Singh (NCLT Delhi)

5- Shri Harnam Singh Thakur (NCLT Chandigarh

6- Shri P Mohan Raj (NCLT Cuttack)

7- Shri Rohit Kapoor (NCLT Kolkata)

8- Shri Deep Chandra Joshi (NCLT Jaipur)

9- Shri Venkata Ramakrishna Badrinath Nandula (NCLT Hyderabad)

10- Shri Bachu Venkat Balarama Das (NCLT Delhi)

11- Shri Kishore Vemilapalli (NCLT Mumbai)

Following are technical members of various NCLTs:

1- Shri Ajai Das Mehrotra (NCLT Ahmedabad)

2- Shri Balraj Joshi (NCLT Kolkata)

3- Shri Rahul Prasad Bhatnagar (NCLT Delhi)

4- Shri Subrata Kumar Dash (NCLT Chandigarh)

5- Shri Avinash K Srivastava (NCLT Delhi)

6- Shri Shree Prakash Singh (NCLT Indore)

7- Shri Sameer Kakar (NCLT Chennai)

8- Shri Manoj Kumar Dubey (NCLT Bangaluru)

9- Shri Kaushalendra Kumar Singh (NCLT Ahmedabad)

10- Shri Anuradha Sanjay Bhatia (NCLT Mumbai)

Under Clause 15A of the NCLT Amendment Rules, 2019, the initial posting of a member shall be done by the central government in consultation with the President of the NCLT with any subsequent transfers being done by the President alone. 


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