Wednesday, April 24, 2024

CJI Ramana receives letter petition for taking suo motu cognizance on alleged targeted killing of Hindus

A letter petition has been sent by Supreme Court lawyer Vineet Jindal to Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana requesting him take Suo Motu Cognizance (SMC) of the alleged targeted killings of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jindal’s letter petition stated that the alleged killing of a woman Hindu teacher, Rajni Bala, is the seventh targeted killing in the month of May in Kashmir, and thereby the Supreme Court should take suo motu cognizance of the matter.

The letter petition sent by Jindal sought a direction from the Supreme Court to provide adequate security to Hindu minorities in Kashmir on immediate basis.

He also sought to establish a special delegated unit to structure and administer a system to ensure the safety and security to minority groups in Kashmir.

The letter petition also sought to investigate the recent killing of Hindu minorities by the National Security Agency. He also sought grant of compensation of Rs 1,00,00,000 to the family of the Hindus victims of the alleged target killings and a Government job to one of the members of the deceased family.


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