DU Jubilee Hall scholar moves Delhi High Court over his eviction from hostel

The General Secretary of Jubilee Hall Students' Union at the University of Delhi has approached the Delhi High Court against his arbitrary eviction and de-recognition of his post.

The petitioner, Ankit Chaurasiya, is pursuing his Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Delhi from 2016 and was living in Jubilee Hall from 2017 till January 17, 2022. He was also holding the post of the General Secretary of the Jubilee Hall Students' Union from May 2019.

According to the petition, the petitioner was served with a notice from the respondents on July 9, 2021 making false and frivolous charges against him. The petitioner duly responded to it exhaustively explaining various issues faced by him and the residents at Jubilee Hall.

On August 19, 2021, when the petitioner was trying to put before the respondents the needs and demands of the residents of the Jubilee Hall, the respondents issued him a letter charging him with indiscipline. The letter further required him to submit his concern in writing which will be probed into by the fact finding committee to be constituted by the respondents, the Petition said.

Later on August 27, 2021 , the respondents issued an advisory to the petitioner again charging him of indiscipline and declared him unfit to participate in the meetings of respondents. To this, the petitioner asked the respondents for the minutes of the meeting which was not provided to the petitioners or any of the residents of the Jubilee Hall or published till date. The petitioner was re-admitted to Jubilee Hall for the session 2021-22 on 11-10-2021.

The petition states that on November 15, 2021, about 86 residents of Jubilee Hall made a joint written complaint concerning their issues to the respondent with no reply or response. Then, the respondent started threatening the complainants by sending them e-mail from unofficial emails asking them to withdraw their respective names from the complaint.

On January 4, 2022, notice was issued to the petitioner from the respondents derecognizing him from the post of General Secretary, Jubilee Hall Students' Union in an arbitrary manner without giving any reasons, show cause or the details of the meeting.

On January 12, 2022, the petitioner was given another notice in an arbitrary way requiring him to vacate his room in Jubilee Hall within three days without giving any justification. Later on January 17, the petitioner was expelled by the respondents from the Jubilee Hall hostel, alleged the petition.

As per Article 9 of the Constitution of Jubilee Hall, an elected body can not be derecognised.

Therefore, the petitioner prayed he be restored as the General Secretary, quash the notice sent to the petitioner and to re-allot the room of the Jubilee Hall Hostel to him.

The Petition has been filed by Advocate Satyam Singh Rajput. The matter is put up before Justice Rekha Palli and the Next date of hearing is April 20, 2022.