Saturday, September 24, 2022

Kashmiri communities seek revival of rich heritage, promotion of human rights

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The second edition of ‘Kaath Baath,’ an inter-community dialogue initiated by Kashmir (policy & strategy) Group, advocated the doctrine of peaceful co-existence and promoting human rights values among the communities.

Members of the two communities of Kashmir vocally advocated the doctrine of peaceful co-existence and promoting human rights values among the communities. They said, “The Kashmiri collective conscience has rejected bigotry, terrorism and the radicalised narrative.

“The revival of our rich heritage, plurality, peace and human rights values is the befitting answer to the enemies of Kashmir. Plurality is the keystone of our proud heritage and we shall unitedly endeavour to save it and revive it with the societal unity, mutual trust and deep commitment,” they added.

Senior Advocate and Chairman of KPSG, Ashok Bhan said, “It is high time after the three decades of death and destruction suffered by all Kashmiri communities, to look beyond the blame games and seriously discuss the ways and means for standing up unitedly against demons of doom and save Kashmir by promoting our proud heritage of co-existence, societal cohesion and progressive narrative.

“We all have to strive for democracy for enjoyment of the peaceful right to life. Peace is the sine qua non for democracy and promotion of human rights. The strength of our civilisational ethos has defeated the evil forces, who tried to thrust lĺthe alien socio-cultural narratives on Kashmiri Society.

“Kashmir is the cradle of civilisation, innovation, science and technology from thousands of years. No terrorism and radicalism will ever succeed to obliterate that,” he added.

Former Chief Secretary Mohd Shafi Pandit said, “A truth and reconciliation commission may further strengthen the doctrine of reconciliation between the communities, which have fallen apart for a variety of reasons and circumstances. Terrorism and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits has sharply divided the communities and there is a dire need to bridge the gulf and unitedly rebuild our robust plural society in the times ahead.”

Political Scientist Prof Irshad Ahmed said, “Peaceful co-existence between the communities has been the societal pride of Kashmir. Any effort to bring back the glory of Kashmir more so unitedly by the Muslims & Pandits is always welcome and we are awaiting to welcome our pandit community to back home.”

He said such efforts at some point of time would require a huge political support across the spectrum.

Secretary of Kashmir Voice International, Javed Kakroo said the  Kashmiri diaspora was in support of intra communities engagement to build up a united approach towards bringing peace in Kashmir.

“Kashmir calls for justice and revival of its age-old plurality, mutual trust and a life of co-existence. KVI is in touch with various NGOs working towards many societal issues and we should involve all the civil society NGOs and activists in promoting the KPSG initiatives,” he added.

Eminent Oncologist AQ Aashob said, “There is a perceptible yearning with the majority community to welcome native Kashmiri Pandits back home. The KPSG’s initiative for intra communities engagement is laudable. Other NGOs with which I am associated, are striving to build up a robust and plural societal cohesion.”

Civil Society activist Javed Beigh said that terrorism in Kashmir has devastated the societal and demographic profile of the valley. Consequently, social evils like casteism, haves & have nots strife dowry and drug menace have seeped in deeply.

“To help revive our plural ethos, it becomes necessary to welcome back home the exiled Kashmiri Pandits.All religious leaders and youth leaders should urge and appeal KPs to return and unitedly rebuild the healthy and prosperous Kashmir.

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