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Plea for Judicial vista is logical and needs to be on the lines of  Central Vista: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court today asked the Central government’s to put forward its opinion on plea that seeks the views on creating a “Judicial Vista” near the Supreme Court for better working conditions.

A bench comprising of Justices Vineet Saran and Justice JK Maheshwari asked the Centre to put their views on a petition filed by advocate Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad, the secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

The bench said that for doing work properly and in a better way , a good and proper establishment becomes a necessity. The Solicitor General was asked to respond on the matter by Tuesday.

The bench observed that “it’s a logical and correct thing to have a Judicial Vista in a planned manner”.

The bench clearly mentioned that the first thing that they are interested is the centre’s view on the proposal before passing any orders or issuing any directions in the matter.

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The Senior Advocate V V Giri who appeared for the Supreme Court administration and said he needed time to take instructions in the matter.

The plea states that an independent central authority should be set up under the CJI to cater to the infrastructural requirements on judiciary across  India which should have high courts, subordinate courts and tribunals established under various laws in it.

During the court session, the discussion ranged from formation of judicial vista, governments view, inclusion of legal bodies, place for the judicial vista and much. The major discussion is as follows

Bench: Its a logical and correct thing that there should be judicial vista in a planned manner. The growth of buildings and all are unplanned, something’s coming up here something’s coming up there. Just like you have Central Vista

Counsel for UOI said he seeks time.
Advocate Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad, petitioner: If SG is appearing please give a passover
Bench: We’re not asking or making directions that do this or that, we just want to know stand of the UOI. Let SG be here tomorrow or day after, we’ll know stand of the government.

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Counsel for UOI: We’ll put our reply.

Bench: We just want to know the stand of Govt. Whether they are thinking on this line or not?

Prasad: Second prayer was regarding judicial infrastructure committee.

Bench-That’s not a very practical solution. Infrastructure committee, its not for courts to have everything in their hands, we’ve to do judicial work, but to do judicial work we must have proper establishment

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Prasad: Please see outside how lawyers are standing
Bench: We quite see, let the SG be here. List tomorrow on top of the board, we just need a statement. Ask him to inform what is the stand.  

The plea had stated that  the government area situated between Bhagwandas Road, Tilak Marg, Tilak Lane, Purana Qila Road and Mathura Road which has old government  accommodations , the  two new complexes  for Supreme court lawyer chambers, Indian Law Institute and Indian Society for International Law can be used for the creation of the Judicial Vista


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