Thursday, May 30, 2024

Rule of Law ensures equality of all citizens before law, prevents arbitrary exercise of power: Justice V Ramasubramanian

Supreme Court Judge, Justice V. Ramasubramanian, has termed the Rule of Law as a system, which recognised and ensured equality of all citizens before law, to the extent that even the lawmakers were themselves bound by law, besides ensuring non-arbitrary form of government and preventing arbitrary exercise of power.

Speaking during the ‘Asha Memorial Lecture’ on theme ‘Rule of Law as a Catalyst of Economic Prosperity in a Welfare Democracy’ on Saturday, Justice Ramasubramanian said the underlying theme of the Rule of Law was equality and equal protection of law for all.

Calling rule of law as the backbone of a welfare state, the Supreme Court Judge said that its enforcement was directly related to the economic development of a country.

He said India as a ‘Welfare’ state provided for the welfare or the well-being of its citizens.

As per Justice Subramanian, the Constitution of India, 1950 had embodied the modern concept of the rule of law with the establishment of a judicial system, working impartially and free from all influences, ascertaining good governance in the country, governed by the rule of law.

He said the Judiciary has always been a proactive catalyst in ensuring social and economic well-being of a citizen. Judicial efficiency was closely associated with the accessibility to Justice and the presence of an efficient system raised the confidence of people, added the Supreme Court Judge.

He said an efficient judicature was the most vital factor of the Rule of Law and more broadly for economic development.

The Apex Court Judge, who has also authored a book in Tamil on the Principles of Law and Justice, further said that everyone should ask themselves as to what exactly they wanted from the rule of law, whether it was prosperity, happiness or peace.

The event was hosted by renowned practicing tax lawyer and noted author Aseem Chawla.

Dr. Lalit Bhasin, President of the Society of Indian Law Firms, gave the welcome address.


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