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Spousal Limits

Even though marriage may be a union of souls, a judgment of the Karnataka High Court makes it clear that the right to privacy trumps all rights and all Aadhaar information cannot be demanded by a spouse

Privacy & Prudence 

The first advice by UIDAI, through a press release, was that an Aadhaar-user should not share the photocopy with any organisation as it could lead to misuse. In less than 24 hours, MEITY advised Aadhaar users to practice “normal prudence” in sharing information. 

New Wine in New Bottles

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar had written to the law ministry requesting it to issue a notification for linking voter ID with Aadhaar.

Supreme Court reserves or...

The Supreme Court was told that the Central government had not come up with a solution on providing rations to migrant workers who did not have ration cards. The case is from 2020 when migrant labourers were forced to walk to their villages after the nationwide lockdown without any rations.

Saving Your Privacy

The Justice BN Srikrishna Committee drafted a tough data protection law in 2018. It included the right to confirmation and access and data portability. Why has it been hanging fire since then?

A Mark of Health

The ambitious National Digital Health Mission under which every Indian will get a health ID has many pros. But there are also concerns about privacy and confidentiality which should be addressed

Relief Package

The centre has announced a range of tax measures which includes extended deadlines, suspending the recovery of taxes and quicker refunds to taxpayers, thereby improving their liquidity position

A Spy in Your Phone?

The government’s new Aarogya Setu app and its directive to make it mandatory for people in all workplaces have stirred a hornet’s nest due to privacy issues and fears that it could be used as a surveillance tool eventually.

Enrolment To Aadhaar Mand...

A PIL has been filed in ...

ITR, Aadhaar-PAN deadline...

In the wake of the unprec...

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