Lawyer alleges Jiah Khan was killed, made to look like suicide

The Jiah Khan death case took a new turn today with the victim’s lawyer alleging that the actress was “killed” and it was made to look like a suicide. Arguing the matter, the lawyer alleged that had Khan hanged herself, her body wouldn’t have injuries. A handle of a drawer was also found to be broken, suggesting there was a scuffle. Dr Sharma of AIIMS who was also consulted by CBI in Aarushi case, said that she was murdered but made to look like suicide. The lawyer also alleged that injuries were found on Khan’s lips, which were not checked. “There was a prominent injury on the chin caused by a blunt object, and certainly not a muslin dupatta,” he argued. He also showed the picture to the court. He also said that the post mortem report was silent on the high amount of alcohol that was found in her body, which must have “incapacitated her” to hang herself/ The lawyer also alleged that BBM messages were deliberately deleted, and while the same can be retrieved, no efforts were made by investigating agencies to do the same. The lawyer has also sought directions to constitute a Special Investigative Team, and consult the FBI since Khan was an American citizen. The bench of Judges More and Achaliya has now put a stay on the trial in lower court.