Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Bravo, Sriram Panchu

An article by the senior advocate criticises four judgments of the apex court which were decided in favour of the State and led to citizens not getting protection of constitutional rights. This is a worrying trend.

Faith and the Constitution

The row over Bengaluru and Hubbali Idgahs is another example of the centrality of religion in our lives and how it can be used for political purposes. What does the Constitution say about this?

Reservation Redux

The recent move to set up a National Commission to study the socio-economic and educational status of Christian and Muslim Dalits is being seen by some as a move that will only prolong the issue of granting reservation to the poorest in the country

A Game Changer?

The government is opening up yet another fenced garden in the e-commerce category with the introduction of Open Network for Digital Commerce. It aims to end the duopoly of international players and protect offline businessmen who have been suffering due to the dishonest trade practices of these e-tailers

Things We Love to Hate

Hate speech has become a divisive issue in order to exploit social prejudices for electoral gains. The Supreme Court has come down heavily on TV channels promoting and fanning religious and sectarian hatred as a means of increasing their ratings. Will anything change?

A Life of Dignity

In a landmark judgment, the Court recognised that voluntary sex work is not an offence and prohibits police officials from arresting these workers, but allows them to arrest the brothel owner

Jailhouse Shock

A study has found that eight out of 10 inmates in prisons are undertrials. A majority of them are illiterate and poor with an alarmingly high number being Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis 

Woman Scorned

A series of shocking judgments are proof that India still has a long way to go before it can be recognised as a gender sensitive State, or judiciary for that matter. Indian courts continue to use language and reasons in their orders that diminish the offence and trivialise the victim’s experience 

Mikhail Gorbachev: The Leader Who Lost an Empire

The last head of state of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War and was more than just a transitional leader. He was known for two vital reforms—perestroika and glasnost—and was a humane leader

Technopolis Grinds to a Halt

Parts of India’s Silicon City have been marooned after rains exposed its hi-tech lies. But this is the state of every city in the country with haphazard development and greedy contractors  

News Update

The Menace of Hate Speech

Bravo, Sriram Panchu


Man For All Reasons

October 10, 2022

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