Saturday, July 31, 2021
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How Green is the Wicket

Betting on teams in the IPL is illegal. But what happens when the franchises become public companies? Will speculating on their shares impact the players or the game? If this speculation, in the stock market, is legitimate, how is betting on the teams not?

International Information Warfare?

Are the pleas in courts about the constitutionality of the Act by Twitter an attempt to use social media as a vehicle to herald political change in India? Hopefully, the courts will see through the game.

West Bengal: A Governor’s overreach

Jagdeep Dhankar has exceeded his constitutional powers ever since he took office. He hardly spares an opportunity to exercise his activism that infringes on the fundamental principles of democracy.

J&K Dialogue: Modi’s new surgical strike?

On August 5, 2019, Jammu & Kashmir lost its statehood, its liberty, its political voice, its autonomy and its unique identity within the Indian Union.

Existing ecocide laws

There are some legislations around the world aimed at controlling ecocide. These, however, are all within national jurisdictions and implementation and enforcement has been weak.

A Law for Ecocide

The word has been coined for acts that defy environmental norms. Activists and legal experts have drawn up its definition along with a draft law aimed at empowering the International Criminal Court.

A Global Tax Revolution?

New tax rules proposed by G-7 are intended to lead to tax equality and could end the practice of global companies raking in billions but looking for loopholes when paying taxes. They could benefit India as well.

Galwan and after: Tackling a treacherous dragon

Though the Chinese president spoke of peace and tranquillity with India, his actions belie this. The slyness shown by China should make India change its policies and defence preparedness.

Sedition: Abolish the colonial-era law

By Lokendra Malik Criticism is a must for a healthy democracy and no democracy can grow without critical thinking and approach. The government receives valuable feedback from critical assessments ...

Bail not Jail

The order which led to the release of the activist on bail is not a precedent, warned the apex court while hearing the appeal. But it shall set the stage for a lively debate to define the limits of protest in UAPA cases, investigated by the NIA.

News Update

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