Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Appointment of four judicial officers as additional judges of Madras High Court notified by Central government

The appointment of four Judicial officers as the additional judges of the Madras High Court has been notified by the Union Ministry of Law.

The four new judges are R Sakthivel, P Dhanabal, Chinnaswamy Kumarappanand K Rajasekar.

The appointment of the four officers was recommended by the Supreme Court Collegium by a resolution dated March 21. 

The Collegium in its resolution said that it had by previous resolution dated January 17 recommended the appointment of advocate Ramaswamy Neelakandan and reiterated the appointment of R John Sathyan to Madras High Court.

The Collegium had also said that they had asked the government to notify the appointments of Neelakandan and Sahat stating the fact the fact that withholding the recommendations usually disturbs the seniority.

The names of the judicial officer are yet to be given green signal by the government of India.

As on May 1, Madras High Court is functioning with 61 judges as against its sanctioned strength of 75, a vacancy position of 14.


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