Sunday, June 4, 2023

Covid crisis: Delhi HC to look into compliance of orders from Monday

Some respite seems to have reached Delhi as per the proceedings in the High Court,. Advocates told the bench that calls for help were coming down.

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As the Delhi High Court was hearing petitions on the capital’s response to the Covid-19 second wave, it was decided that while many ideas have already been floated and many orders passed, it was time to look into their compliance, before considering other aspects.

Advocate Karuna Nundy said: “I would be more than happy to assist Amicus Rajshekhar Rao and Senior Advocate and Delhi counsel Rahul Mehra and Advocate Satyakam to make sure the suggestions are being worked on, to provide resources and experts.”

Rao informed the bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli that the hospitals are now getting oxygen. “There is enough for them now. Small clinics and other small facilities still need some improvement, but we are working on it. The connections have been done. We need the data and correct individuals to maintain them. That, too, is, perhaps being done,” he said.

“The most important thing is to educate the people. One rumour being spread is that coronavirus is spreading through the shower shaft. People need to be educated. We need to address better help for old citizens and those who live alone without their children. These basic things need to be looked into,” Rao added.

“All I am saying is that there are ideas implemented and discarded, some taken and worked on. Yesterday, one officer informed that on Wednesday, she got less SOS calls. That is something that shows we are improving on that aspect. We perhaps need a couple of days,” said the Amicus.

Rahul Mehra said: “Transparency should be there. There are people tweeting for beds, because they are not getting any. I am looking into this.”

Aditya N. Prasad said: “A few days back, SG (Tushar Mehta) stated that the Army has denied the request to establish a hospital in Delhi. But yesterday on Doordarshan, it was shown that two hospitals had been fixed by the Army and had been flown to Patna.”

Prasad: “If they can do it in Bihar, what is the problem with Delhi?”

Justice Sanghi: “There may be a logistical problem in Delhi. Also, they denied it. They are well-capable of doing it here. But, we should not press them like this. It is not their primary job. They are here for other things as well.”

Nidhi Mohan intervened and stated that they have said that by May 30, they will set up around 8,000-10,000 beds, but they can’t do beyond that.

Justice Sanghi: “Let’s not float ideas and look into things. Reports should be there.”

Amicus Rao: “My Lords, we have collected reports from the Union and we are looking into it and we will update you soon. We are looking into all compliances and we will also update the compliance chart we submitted this morning. We need to see more into the compliance list.”

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Justice Sanghi: “So you are saying that on Monday, we will look into compliances only?”

Rao: “Yes, My lord. Perhaps these suggestions need to be worked on first, and then see whether it is complied with or not.”

Justice Sanghi: “From Monday onward, let’s say, we will do only compliances and at 4 to 4:30 pm, we will hear ideas on it.”

Source: ILNS

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