Medical Aspirant Plea challenging Graduate Medical Admission Regulations, Delhi HC issues notice

The Delhi High Court has issued a notice on a Public Interest Litigation challenging the Graduate Medical Admission Regulations, (Amendment) 2019 as it allegedly only allows people with Both hands intact, with intact sensations, sufficient strength and range of motion to be considered for a medical course.

A divisional bench of the Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan issued the notice while hearing the petition through video conferencing.

The Public Interest Litigation has been filed by Baibhavi Sharma a medical aspirant challenging the impugned regulation as she is being denied admission to the medical college who has 'Left Congenital Transverse Deficiency of Elbow' of 65% despite which she is ineligible for the course.

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The plea states that her aspiration to become a Doctor has come to a grinding halt on account of her being declared ineligible in the light of the impugned condition. “for how long a PwD will have to wait to get equal opportunities in life particularly in the field of education and whether a particular disability can form the basis of a complete prohibition for the petitioner and the similarly situated from getting an opening in a level playing field,” the plea argued.