Tuesday, April 23, 2024

War of words in Supreme Court: Justice Dinesh Maheshwari indulges in heated argument with SCBA President Vikas Singh

The Supreme Court witnessed an unruly scene on Wednesday, as Justice Dinesh Maheshwari indulged in a heated argument with President of the Supreme Court Bar Association and Senior Advocate Vikas Singh, during the hearing of a case. 

As the Apex Court Judge proceeded to hear a matter, Singh interrupted him, saying that he was taking case number 19 directly after 13. 

“This is a new problem we are facing. I am telling you as the President of the Bar,” Singh added.

Justice Maheshwari then asked him why was he interrupting in the matter, when he was not not even aware of the facts.

The judge then asked, “Why should yesterday’s matter not be taken up today?”

Singh replied that he was just mentioning it. He said he was about to leave, but the Bench stopped him. The SCBA president further said that he failed to understand why the ‘Lordships’ were getting ‘excited’.

Justice Maheshwari asked him the reason for using the expression ‘excited,’ stating that if a matter was not in the cause list, it must be the mistake on part of the causelist.

Singh then remarked that every mistake of the Registry had to be condoned, while he should be pulled out immediately for every mistake made on his part.

Noting that the Cause list has already indicated about the matters to be taken up, Justice Maheshwari told Singh that his instructing person should have informed him about the same.

The Judge said, “It should have been left at that.”

Singh then replied that if the Registry made a mistake, the Bench will not tick them off, but that he (Singh) should be told about a wrong mentioning done by him. 

The SCBA president further said, “Please continue with hearing the matters, I don’t want to disrupt the proceedings any further.”

He then left the courtroom.


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