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Bail: The rights of an accused

By Lipsa Nandini In the Indian legal system, bail is the right of an accused person. Bail refers to the release of any person who is accused of a crime from jail or legal custody in accordance wit...

The Legality of Online Betting in India

The online gambling culture in India is one of the most active in the entire world. And this applies to varied aspects of betting as well. Betting on sports and casino games is deeply embedded into the identity and culture of the Indian people.

Can airlines ban a traveller for unruly behaviour?

The national no-fly list is maintained by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to check unruly and disruptive behaviour on an aircraft. Any behaviour, from verbal harassment to life-threatening acts, is supposed to be reported by the pilot in command of the aircraft

Can a state government dissolve a legislative council?

A state assembly decides to dissolve its lawmaker counterpart Legislative Council if the former perceives the latter as a constant hurdle in the legislative process, primarily due to rival parties dom...

Can a convicted rapist be refused free legal aid for seeking his available legal remedies?

Article 39A in Part IV of the Constitution guarantees free legal aid to all citizens of the country, irrespective of economic and other barriers. The twin aims of the Directive Principles of State Pol...

What is my legal remedy if my employer does not pay my salary in India?

In cases of unpaid salary, an employee can (i) approach the labour commissioner to reconcile the matter, or (ii) file a suit under Section 33(c) of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 for recovery of money ...

Does the electricity supply to a lawyer’s chamber within his residential premises qualify as domestic or commercial usage?

The Calcutta High Court has recently held that electricity usage in a lawyer’s chamber in his residential property, though non-domestic, cannot be automatically categorized as commercial (urban) usage...

Can a non-lawyer appear in court on behalf of a litigant?

Yes, subject to the prior approval of court, on a motion by the litigant, a non-lawyer may appear in court to argue a case. It is the court’s prerogative to grant or refuse permission to a non-lawyer ...

What are the legal formalities to take care of when planning to start a restaurant business?

Once the theme and style of a restaurant is decided, the business needs to be registered as a partnership or a private limited company. A host of licenses and permits are supposed to be obtained – ...

What is the procedure of changing one’s name in India?

Besides women changing their surname after marriage, many others change their name/surname for varied reasons like astrology, better suitability, simplifying long names etc. The first step is to cr...

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