Friday, April 19, 2024

Across India, Police Come Up With Out Of The Box Ideas To Create COVID Awareness

The Coronavirus crisis seems to have brought out the creative side of police to generate awareness, with the men and women in uniform adopting several innovative ideas to get the message across. From shooting interesting music and dance videos, conducting street plays to wearing decorated helmets, police all across the country took it upon themselves to go out in these testing times and educate people for their prevention.

Punjab police sub-inspector Baljinder Singh recently released a music video to emphasise on precautionary measures to fight coronavirus. The bhangra pop music video has gone viral and earned accolades even from Punjab’s Chief Minister Amarinder Singh who shared the video of the song on his Twitter handle. He asks people to use masks, sanitisers, and gloves to keep the deadly COVID-19 at bay and urged them to do a ‘namaste’ from a safe distance. The video of the song which is written by Assistant Sub-Inspector Partap Paras, showed cops giving training to children from the poor strata on how to wear masks, giving sanitisers to the people for use and distributing food and other essential items to the needy.

In Hyderabad, keepers of law took out a bike rally with scary looking helmets to garb attention of two-wheeler riders and explain to them dangers of the virus and need to take precautions. K. Sudhakar, owner of Sudhacars Museum has also designed a coronavirus shaped car to create awareness about the virus and encourage people to stay at home.

Bengaluru and Mumbai police was also seen adopting innovative methods for awareness like wearing unique themed helmets, special drives and messages.

An Indian police officer in Chhattisgarh was seen singing a song of hope, to tackle the novel coronavirus and promising citizens that they will be able to step outside and see the light of day, but first they need to follow the rules of staying indoors, in order to enable the safety of others. He tells them ultimately it is for their own good and no one else’s.

To enforce lockdown, Police adopted various techniques like making people do sit ups and reading aloud by violators of lockdown that they didn’t care for society. A video that went viral on social media had cops garlanding and honouring law violators by putting tilak on their foreheads leading to embarrassment of violaters.

Andhra Pradesh Sub Inspector Maruti Sankar rode a horse painted with images of Covid-19 to create awareness about the pandemic.

Kolkata Police came out with rendition of Anjan Dutta’s acclaimed song, Bela Bose with a coronavirus twist.

All these innovative ideas and techniques adopted by Police by risking their own lives have helped to raise awareness and made 21 day lockdown announced by PM Modi, which has now been extended to May 3, successful.


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