Sunday, February 5, 2023

Silver Lining Among Dark Clouds

By K. Raghavacharyulu

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  • Indian YOGA has become GLOBAL TREATMENT for destress and fitness.
  • World recognized and realized that Hinduism is, The Way of Life, not only a Religion.
  • INDIAN Tradition (Temple Bells, Shankha and Utensils Sound) has been followed all over the world’s.
  • Indian food and its cooking protocol has become world’s best food for good health, immunity and longevity of life.
  • Hindus are realising the value of their family Custom, usage, tradition and practice, attempting to restore.
  • Newly married people/couple are understanding the value of relationship.
  • Old couple are realising the value of relationship.
  • Parents are knowing their children.
  • Children are understanding and spending their time with their parents.
  • People are finding time to call and know the well-being of their loved ones who are miles away making them feel that they are not alone and they have people who care for them.
  • For parents whose children are not with them, they are atleast getting phone calls everyday which is making them happy.
  • People are getting more connected with each other than with the gadgets.
  • Everyone is realizing the value of our age old practice of storing essentials like rice, pulses etc., for the whole year.
  • Rejuvenating themselves by spending quality time with the family.
  • No noise pollution, no air pollution, can hear the birds chirp, leading a life close to nature.
  • After long many are seeing the sunrise and sunset which was missing in many lives who were working continuously under lights.
  • Away from the Monday in routine finding time for oneself.
  • Sharing work is helping to build the positive environment at home.
  • The roaming footsteps in the world (domestic/international) has been habituated within four walls.
  • Nucleus families are understanding the value, sharing and caring of joint families.
  • Younger generation women are learning to prepare traditional food times.
  • Cleanliness is galore and all pervasive.
  • Governments are focusing on health and cleanliness of Citizens.
  • COVID-19 combined and united the Nation and infused health and life consciousness.
  • World recognised and realised that God is there.
  • Covid-19 is teaching all of us, Self Discipline is the Supreme Power, which means “ what/how to do or what not to do”
  • COVID-19 name starts with “C” which Stands for caring, so COVID-19 made people to care for each other.
  • All are clearing their backlogs and interacting more with family members & friends.
  • Elder people in house are very happy to see that their grownup children are at home and participating in domestic activities.
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