Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Stakeholders to come together for ending growing menace of one time plastic: Justice UU Lalit

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The Executive Chairman of National Legal Services Authority(NALSA) Justice Uday Umesh Lalit who is also a Supreme Court Justice has asked all the stakeholders to come up with green idea to end the ever growing menace of the plastic which has corroded the layers of atmosphere..

The NALSA chairman stated that Plastic has been casting a threat to the upcoming future and poses a great threat to the mankind.

While speaking in a new module program of NALSA Justice Lalit said ‘Say No to Plastics’, ‘Save Environment’ and ‘Issues relating to unorganised labour’.

Justice Lalit was speaking on this, on occassion of a programme that was conducted by the Andhra University under the aegis of NALSA today.

Justice Lalit expressed his concern over the unchecked single-use plastic. He cautioned “Around 40% of plastics, used in everyday life, are single-use plastics.

The tremendous load of non-biodegradable plastic material causes immense damage to the earth, and the lives of future generations will be at risk if we fail to act now,” and said it is about time , we take a step lest we face irreversible damages.

Justice Lalit said that we all know about the 3-R principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but there should be ‘fourth R’, which means ‘Refuse’. He further said that “When the 3-R principle is not possible to implement, we should use the fourth R, which is refusing to accept a plastic bag, a plastic cover and the like,”

Justice Lalit as a

The Chairman said he wants stakeholders to come and give idea to keep this problem under check .

Our responsibility is to hand over a Greener, cleaner and a Better planet to our kids.

The friend of Environment justice said “The ban on single-use plastic would come into force from July 1.

Manufacturers have been given sufficient time and the onus is on the producers to recycle the plastic. We have to be vigilant and should be using paper, jute and other eco-friendly products wherever possible.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court Chief Justice P.K. Mishra said it was worrying that plastic has become ubiquitous in our daily lives in various forms.

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