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Was the Goa court right in ignoring the rape survivor’s testimony to acquit Tarun Tejpal?

On 21 May, in State vs Tarun Tejpal, Goa additional sessions court judge Kshama M. Joshi upheld only one charge, that of Tarun Tejpal being in a position of control and dominance in relation to his rape accuser when he was editor-in-chief of Tehelka magazine.

7 ex-civil servants protesting Sudarshan TV show, want to intervene in case

Seven former civil servants have filed an intervention application in the Supreme Court, in the case of ‘Firoz Iqbal Khan’ seeking injunction against the telecast of a show over Sudarshan TV which is allegedly communalising the selection of Muslims in UPSC exams.

The Art of the Photo-Op

The best use of the photo-op is by using it to make a statement showing empathy, masculinity, wisdom, intellectual depth and/or in tune with contemporary trends and technology. Social media with its instant impact and enormous reach has made it an even more effective weapon.

Penalties for Not Wearing Masks?

The world has been battling the Covid-19 pandemic for close to six months now. In parts of the world, it has shown no signs of abating, while others have almost beaten it.

First E-Lok Adalat a huge success

Need to ensure that E-Lok Adalat remains the ‘People’s Lok Adalat’: said Justice N.V. Ramana, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Executive Chairman, National Legal Services Authority, during the virtual accomplishment ceremony of the online Lok Adalat.

Law of Contempt Versus Independence of Judiciary Case Analysis: Prashant Bhushan

There is a very thin line between criticism and vilification. One of the basic principle of independence is that you are free to do anything which does not intervene in my independence.

Tree plantation drive to commemorate I Day

Today, a tree plantation drive was carried by residents of Aakriti Shantiniketan commemorate India’s 74th Independence Day with pride and enthusiasm in its campus at Sector 143 B, Noida.

We have to learn to embrace new innovations: Justice N. V. Ramana

The Supreme Court Justice N. V. Ramana said today that these testing times have resulted in new innovations which "we have to learn and embrace for betterment of society". Justice Ramana, who is the Executive Chairman NALSA, was speaking at the first ever online Lok Adalat in Delhi today.

Strength of a nation lies in Science,Technology and civilisational Ethos

The fundamental strength of a nation building in 21st century is Sciences, Technology and the Civilisational ethos of the Country. India is fortunate to have laid Firm foundations of nation building immediately after Independence.

Remembering veteran freedom fighter and socio-spiritual personality Pt SN Bhan

Speaking at the remembrance anniversary function of veteran freedom fighter and socio-spiritual personality of Kashmir Pt SN Bhan. Kashmir is the keystone of our heritage and finds mention in the old...

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