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The National Green Tribunal (NGT) took Suo Motu cognizance of the matter relating to the substantial decrease in the area of forest in the State of Manipur. The Petition is registered suo-moto on the basis of the news item dated 04.05.2024. As per the article, the forest cover in the state has been reduced from 17,475 sq km in 1987 to 16,598 sq km in 2021, which shows a decrease of 877 sq km of forest cover.  It further states that this has happened mainly due to deforestation and...


Minor-ity Report

Taking an empathetic view of a minor rape victim, the Kerala High Court allowed MTP even though she was 28 weeks pregnant, thereby giving her the right to live with dignity as per the Constitution

Sex, Lies & Consent

In a new twist to the definition of rape, the Delhi High Court said that if consensual sex occurs between two adults, then there is no wrongdoing even if they are married


A Step Forward in Punishing Ecocide?

In this landmark order, the Court accentuates the environmental rule of law and principles of sustainable development and lambasts officials of the State who abdicated their duty of protecting forests

The Might Of The State

The apex court’s defence of private business and private property is par for the times when applying socialist interventions of yore can end up alienating investors


Sex and the Citizen

With a growing number of women alleging sexual assault by powerful politicians and even the governor of West Bengal, it raises the issue of identity secrecy granted to a rape victim as a protective mechanism enshrined in statute books to prevent any further trauma or indignity

Trials and Tribulations

Former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York City finally heard testimony from his lawyer-fixer Michael Cohen who worked with the National Enquirer editor David Pecker to capture and kill the Stormy Daniels sexual encounter story. Cohen’s testimony is critical for the prosecution’s case

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Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, while calling Justice AS Bopanna 'Mr. Dependable' of the Supreme Court, said that when Justice Bopanna would circulate a judgment, the CJI would respectfully agree with a smile and warm regards. Speaking during the farewell function of Justice Bopanna, organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), the CJI said that Justice Bopanna had all the qualities of a great judge, a good human being and a worthy friend. He said Justice Bopanna had a ke...