Sunday, January 16, 2022
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Why Facebook Fracas Over T Raja Singh Was Unnecessary

While social media has been blamed for “exploiting” the personal data of citizens, the fact is that these companies cannot be turned into virtual police stations and parliamentary panels can’t meddle with them

Judicial Co-Governance Through Interim Orders

In two orders, the Supreme Court has felt the need for urgent action on a long-delayed matter of construction of smog towers and waste management in Delhi. But was there a judicial overreach in overlooking a cost-effective solution and the rights of co-citizens?

The Principal Driver of State is Now Politics, Not Lawyers

At one time, it was said that political parties like the Congress were being excessively advised by lawyers at the expense of politics. Now power politics dominates. The law is only there to be observed in the breach

Loan Moratorium: Relief Extended for Borrowers

In major succour for borrowers, the Supreme Court extended an interim loan moratorium and told banks not to declare such accounts as non-performing assets till further orders

Don’t stifle dissent, rebels with British era laws

The cynical view of a rebel, living in remote rural or forest communities, could well be uninformed because he has remained untouched by the gigantic strides India has made in every field.

“Wife is Best Guardian”

The Bombay High Court has appointed the spouse of a comatose man as his guardian in order to make it easier for her to access his bank accounts. Similar cases have seen courts taking a sensitive view of the situation.

The Reverse Effect

The outbreak of the pandemic in India and subsequent containment measures such as prolonged lockdowns brought the entire economy to a grinding halt.

Trump vs Biden: Impact of American Elections

The US election is being held in an atmosphere of deep polarisation, arguably not seen since the Civil War more than a century and a half ago. Opinion polls reveal that the majority of Americans have made up their minds on who they want as their next commander-in-chief.

Why the News Is Not the Truth

India Legal thought it better to write a sober, insightful and scrupulously researched account reflecting our commitment to responsible journalism rather than competing with the bafflegab assaulting our sense and sensibilities from every possible news outlet

Lokpal (Complaint) Rules 2020–Just an Eyewash?

A year after the Lokpal was formed, the government notified the Lokpal (Complaint) Rules 2020, finally enabling the anti-corruption ombudsman to act on the pleas made before it. According to the rules...

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