Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Judges’ Appointment Issue: Trump’s Gorsuch Appointment Sets a Precedent

~By Sujit Bhar The executive and the judiciary have remained so interlinked – even in countries where the separation of the ‘church’ and the state has been established centuries ago – there is pr...

A West Divided Against Itself (With A Little “Help” from Russia)

The Western world’s—especially of the US’— international outlook has become a bit of an enigma of late to the eastern hemisphere. This has amplified with Donald Trump becoming President of the US. The...

FIFA Wins Human Rights Suit in Qatar Case

The hosting of FIFA World Cup 2022 by Qatar is witnessing a bumpy ride with FIFA allegedly not pressurising the Qatar government to ensure proper working conditions for migrant labourers By Sujit B...

China Flexes Muscles, Again

With the announcement of three technological advancements, China looks to flex its muscles again to maintain its hegemony   By Sujit Bhar The New Year will bring in a new US President, a post-de...

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