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How to deal with cybercrime in India?

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Any misconduct or offense done with a criminal mindset to harm someone over the internet or Gadgets is defined under the category of cybercrime. There are so many categories of crimes, but when it is cybercrime, the least crimes are approached to harm the victim, the vast majority are committed for financial gain.

Whether it is an individual or a big venture, hackers and cybercriminals actively make efforts to distribute malware across machines for profit motives.

Types of Cyber Crimes

Theft via cyberspace-Cyber theft is a crime that considers an individual infiltrating another person or system of a company to steal private information, wealth, or property information. Identity theft and embezzlement are examples of fraudulent crimes which can be classified as cyber theft crimes.

Cyberbullying-The Theft to person’s safety, hatred expressions, saying or doing to hurt someone emotionally, racially, or blackmailing. Research says around 40% of teens say they encountered online harassment.

Malware-Malware is a software program coded to harm or get into the privacy of any device. Viruses are types of malware software that fall under the range of categories that may delete files, record keyloggers, or corrupt your important data.

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Phishing happens when fraudsters work as a company to fraud victims to disclose important information.

Extortion via the internet is a type of blackmail that takes through the internet where attackers demand to pay or a reaction to halt their threats.

Ransomware is the software that threatens to disclose the data of the victim or to block users from retrieving data.

Cryptojacking is the process in which hackers use the resources of other people for mining cryptocurrency without their permission.

Cyber spying is the process where hackers target public or private entities’ networks to get access to intellectual property, classified data, or private information.

Spyware is software that cybercriminals employ to record the actions and personal information of victims.

Adware is the software you download and install the program unintentionally.

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Grounds of cybercrime in India

India has the world’s second-largest population of internet users with around 700 million users. The year 2019 reported Rs. 1.25 lakh crore in 2019 putting India in second place among nations hit by cyber-attacks between 2016 and 2018.

Criminals keep looking for the simplest approach to create money. They target cash-rich organizations such as banks and other financial institutions where large amounts of money are handled on a daily basis. They steal sensitive information by taking advantage of flaws in mechanisms of Information mechanisms.

Reasons why IT platforms are so vulnerable

-Accessibility– As technology is complex, there are so many ways to enter into the security barrier of the computer system. Hackers with their tricks get access to codes, voice, biometric impressions, or other sensitive mean of authentication to circumvent security measures.

-Complex codes

Operating systems made of millions of code lines are potentially vulnerable to errors as the human mind is flawed, and cybercriminals keep an eye on such mistakes to take undue advantage from such code errors.

-Small space storage ability

Computer stores data in a single small space. It makes it easy for someone to retrieve data from various storage devices and use it for personal gain.

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One of the serious loopholes of human tendency is negligence. Not every time a person can be careful about taking care of maintaining security. It creates the chance of mistake that allows cybercriminals to get control over their computer system.

How to report cybercrime in India?

To report cybercrime, first of all, you need to register a complaint in a city police station where the crime took place.  The second step is to identify where to report cybercrime in India. 

To register a cybercrime report in case of hacking, the following information is required:

1-Logs from server

2-If you find a website is affected by the hacking, make a soft and hard copy of the defected web page

3- Soft copy of both original and compromised data is required in case your data is compromised in pc or the server. 

4- Some common details of the access control system with the information of the person who has access.

5-List of suspects 

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The following actions should be taken to register cyber crime report in case of email abuse:

1-Remove extended headers of mail with the problem

2- Save both hard and soft copies

3-Copy objectionable email and store on the hard disk of pc

Cyber Crime online complaint

Step 1: 

You can visit the official website of cybercrime department of India to complain. There is also a mobile number where you can call cyber cell to inform about the crime within a few minutes.

Step 2: 

File a written complaint with the cyber cell department of the area where you live.

Step 3: 

The victim should give the following information like the victim’s name, contact details, and mailing address.

Step 4: 

If the victim has no access to a cyber cell, he/she can report the matter to the local police station by filing FIR. 

Step 5:

One can file FIR under the provision of IPC if the cyber offense falls under this code.

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How to protect against cybercrime?

  • Use strong password combinations in your online accounts that are not easy to guess
  • Keeping online profiles secret
  • Safeguard mobile devices
  • Safeguarding data
  • Secure online identity
  • Safeguarding computers with security software

As the dependency of people on technology is increasing day by day, therefore cyber laws in India must be refined constantly. Also, people should increase their knowledge about cyber security to avoid any cyber attacks. 

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