Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Special Story

Doctrine Of Basic Structure: Its Inception And Evolution

By Himanshu Mehra Introduction Democracies in the world are usually governed by a Constitution, which is their supreme law. The Constitution lays down the principles and procedures of law maki...

The Sunset Years: Senior citizens bear brunt of abuse, mistreatment from their own

An increasing number of elderly people are facing humiliation of the worst kind: mistreatment and abuse at the hands of their own. The story of physical, psychological and emotional abuse stays within the four walls of the house and in the scarred hearts of these senior citizens.

Women Justices Break the Glass Ceiling

August 31, 2021, saw the dawn of a new era for the Indian judiciary. Three women judges, along with six male counterparts, were sworn in at the SC by CJI NV Ramana. This was significant as the representation of women in the judiciary has always been poor. By these appointments, the collegium has made a policy statement of sorts. APN news channel did an in-depth discussion on the topic of women in the judiciary, their problems and challenges. The show was moderated by Editor-in-Chief, APN, Rajshri Rai.

Supreme Imbalance: Gender disparity in the Apex Court

The day is also not far off...2027 may be the year when India sees its first woman Chief Justice, if Justice BV Nagarathna is elevated to the Supreme Court. For the first time the Supreme Court collegium has recommended three female judges and if accepted by the government, the total count of women judge

Creamy Layer – Criteria Creamy Layer Limit Laid Down by Government has Resulted in Reverse Discrimination and Injustice to Backward Classes [Part – II...

A false but strong impression has been created in the public narrative that General Category consists of only rich and highly educated people. But the truth is large proportion among General Category is economically and educationally backward. Nevertheless, they are excluded from Social Welfare Schemes.

Basic Feature of Constitution- [Part-I]

By Sushil Jain Immediately after independence and promulgation of Constitution of India, the Indian Parliament wanted to introduce land reforms. The land reforms were affecting right to property i...

Does ‘Right to Education’ exist in India ?

By Satyam Singh Rajput When it comes to ensuring better education for everyone, even the Hon'ble courts have failed to ensure that. Allowing private colleges and universities to charge development...

Judicial Activism

The Montesquieun principle of ‘separation of powers’ elucidates that each wing of the State would operate in its own respective sphere- with specific duties, obligations and roles assigned to them.

Ambit of Section 50 NDPS Act– Critique whether there is a need to re-determine the ambit

It becomes imperative to analysis the ambit of section 50 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

Judging The Judge?

“Seems like a manual for Rape Victims”, “judge tried the woman”, “Evidence of how little judiciary has learnt” are few of the judging remarks upon Goa judge Kshama Joshi for being just “dutiful” in her verdict in the Tarun Tejpal sexual assault case.

News Update

Best Forex Indicators: Which of Them Will Help You Earn Good Profits?

Do you check technical indicators before opening or closing positions? Many novice traders ignore this tool just because they do not know how to use it. For such cases, we compiled a simple guide on Forex indicators. We will tell you about their key types and prompt which of them are the most effective.
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