Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Special Story

Does ‘Right to Education’ exist in India ?

By Satyam Singh Rajput When it comes to ensuring better education for everyone, even the Hon'ble courts have failed to ensure that. Allowing private colleges and universities to charge development...

Judicial Activism

The Montesquieun principle of ‘separation of powers’ elucidates that each wing of the State would operate in its own respective sphere- with specific duties, obligations and roles assigned to them.

Ambit of Section 50 NDPS Act– Critique whether there is a need to re-determine the ambit

It becomes imperative to analysis the ambit of section 50 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

Judging The Judge?

“Seems like a manual for Rape Victims”, “judge tried the woman”, “Evidence of how little judiciary has learnt” are few of the judging remarks upon Goa judge Kshama Joshi for being just “dutiful” in her verdict in the Tarun Tejpal sexual assault case.

Smell the coffee & amend the policy on COWIN registration, SC to Centre

The Supreme Court of India heard the Solicitor general today to assess the measures, policy and actions taken by the Central government with respect to the acquiring and administering the COVID19 vaccines. The matter is of the Suo Moto cognizance taken by the Supreme Court by virtue of which the National Task Force was set up.

Police brutality and police accountability in India

During the lockdown announcement, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the report pointed out how the police beat migrant laborer’s who were on their way home.

Again, judicial activism had to rescue citizens from pandemic, why is it so always in India?

There is no denying the fact that these are un-precedented times but it is also a fact that extra-ordinary situations require extra-ordinary solutions, if not then at least an attempt in real sense to provide extra-ordinary remedies.

Peace Mediation – Legal Revolution 5.0

The fine distinction between Meditation and Mediation is the presence and absence of the letter 'T'. In meditation, the Self itself acts as the Third Party or the Teacher and guides Self to realise the true nature of Self. 'T' in mediation is the mediator.

Justice delivered: How Indian agencies pooled resources to help a wronged Indian couple in Qatar

Amid the complete chaos of politically motivated cases and indictments in India, there still remains the silver lining of judgment, of powerful investigating agencies doing their duties as they should.

Settlement Hubs: Settling Disputes In Times Of A Climate Emergency

Philip the Second of Macedonia struck a treaty with the Southern States of Greece to settle territorial disputes through arbitration in 337 B.C.E. Interestingly, the infamous Ides of March was originally known as a time in the month for Senators of the Roman Empire to forget past grudges and settle feuds.

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