Saturday, April 20, 2024


Shivanand Pandit

A New Beginning?

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance has asked for clarifications and recommended changes to the Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022. This is a major development, but are there any missed opportunities?

Revamping the Equity Mark...

The Securities Exchange Board of India has released a consultation paper to amend existing regulations on buyback of securities or shares from the open market to make such routes shareholder-friendly. The proposals send mixed signals to investors.

Cash Still King

Six years after the misadventure, people are still fumbling to find answers. With black money still in circulation, what was the purpose of the move? The government needs to explain. 

Climate for Change

In a proposal to make India’s financial system resistant to climate-connected risks and assist Regulated Entities to deal with matters of a warming planet, the Reserve Bank of India is mulling over potential rules and regulations.

Rocky Road Ahead?

The proposal to have a common ITR form for all taxpayers is a good move provided it doesn’t confuse them further. With some 40 questions to answer, that is easier said than done.

No Season of Cheer

A verdict on EPS has led to furore among unions as they have demanded that an average of the last 12 months of an employee’s service be taken into account when deciding PF pension instead of 60.

The Wrong Call

The draft Telecommunication Bill, 2022 is certainly timely considering that technologies in telecommunications have experienced a huge transformation in recent years. However, it disappointingly, lacks a vision for the future

Tightrope Walk

The merger of NAA and CCI is expected to help customers, businesses and the government tackle GST-linked wrongdoings. However, the government has to frame power-packed remedies to remove hindrances lest the process ends on a bitter note

New Kid in Town

The introduction of 75 DBUs is an attempt by the government to take banks to “the doorstep of the poor”. However, its adherence to compliance norms and data privacy will be a key issue in its success

Unfair Play

The Competition Commission of India, India’s anti-trust and competition regulator, has levied a fine of Rs 936.44 crore on Google for misusing its predominance concerning its Play Store policies. Significantly, it lays down India’s first authorized view on in-app payments by OS operators such as Google and Apple.

News Update

The Iran Factor

Travesty of Justice?

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